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Bringing you tools to start an eSports league at your organization. We make eSports easy, fun, and engaging by combining with STEM learning opportunities.

The Best Esports Program for Middle Schools and Youth Organizations

Being an educator can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. You play a pivotal role in the foundation and development of students who will eventually make an impact in the workplace and community.

We know finding the best methods to keep your students engaged and to help them retain information can be difficult, which is why so many have turned to esports programs. An esports program works to engage students in an environment that they’re already familiar with, and love! Gaming at school can even transform students' participation and improve results in the classroom (yep, you read that right!).

“Esports takes the familiar pastime of video gaming and makes it more like a traditional sport. A good esports program makes video games into a competitive, organized activity that kids can learn from.”

There are different esports programs for middle schools and youth organizations on the market, so it’s important to know what your students might be looking for to make your evaluation easier. From gaming consoles, age groups, championships, and more, here are some of the top items to consider when choosing an esports program:

What are benefits of an esports program?

An esports program provides a place for gamers to learn and engage while exploring a multitude of STEM degrees and career paths available to them. They promote a sense of belonging, school spirit, and healthy competition all while also building social and emotional skills. An extra bonus? There are now collegiate scholarships available for esports programs too.

Here at EliteGamingLIVE, we find that traditional esports programs only focus on students playing video games and competing against each other so be mindful as you do your search.  Our esports program is dedicated guiding educators engage and develop STEM programs for their grade 3-12 students in an integrated gaming and learning experience. Our esports league incentivizes youth to play the video games they love with the main focus of introducing STEM career pathways in a fun and engaging way. It features an online academy of 12 unique pathways on STEM topics and careers from Audio Engineering, Game Artistry, Cloud Engineering, etc. Students complete multimedia lesson sets to learn about these pathways, culminating in knowledge assessments at the end of each lesson set. Throughout the program, students can even get certificates for the courses they complete to showcase their achievements.

Want to walk through our EliteGamingLIVE’s program for yourself? We’re most happy to walk you through a free demonstration and help you seamlessly integrate it into your curriculum.

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