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The true value of Kids Participating in an after School eSports Program

Kids benefit from all sorts of after-school programs in so many more ways than just academic improvement. While after school programs certainly help students in the classroom, they also help them learn skills that will benefit them long after graduation. The EGL eSports Program is no different. 

Socialization and time management are two key skills that are necessary for long-term success in life. This is exactly what children learn participating in EliteGamingLIVE through active gaming which promotes socio-academic learning.

Having social interaction with peers is particularly significant for children who are not typically involved in organized sports after school. After school programs for these kids can have a life long positive impact.

According to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, children who don't have the opportunity to socialize during their out-of-school time are more likely to engage in delinquent behavior, both online and offline. This is especially true for young children who are still learning the difference between right and wrong.

Keeping your children busy is the best thing you can do to ensure that good behaviors develop within them as they grow.

Of course, we know as a parent, you are constantly busy between work and your family. That's why virtual after-school programs are incredibly beneficial for both parents and children alike. 

Short term Benefits of after School Programs

Improved School Attendance

Research from 68 studies show that students who participate in an after school program have a higher rate of showing up for classes. Remember being a kid and looking forward to sharing your exciting new game with your best friend down the street? The same is true for kids today. Children inherently want to talk about things that make them excited. Of course, when do they get to talk to friends? At school. 

Improved Classroom Engagement

Lack of engagement is one of many things that can negatively impact your child's performance in class. Among youngsters, shyness is a normal behavior, but if it goes unaddressed, it can negatively impact their future long-term.

Virtual after school programs can help harness your child's potential in many ways. One area in which after school programs will improve your child's ability to participate in class is through storytelling and discussions. Virtual after school programs rely on digital platforms where students must communicate in order to participate. This is a great learning opportunity for children who usually want to sit back and watch.

Makes learning more Fun

Have you ever noticed how active your child is in a group of children their own age? Children naturally feel more comfortable around others their own age. Many after school programs actually pair kids up according to age, making it more interesting. As a result, they will be able to grasp what is being taught in an age-appropriate environment. 

Creates a Sense of Belonging

Like adults, kids also have their ups and downs while navigating through their daily activities. After school programs can work help kids by helping to raise self-esteem and boosting their confidence.

After school programs will also help children meet new friends. This can offer a break from any usual cliques or social concerns. The most crucial role played by the programs is the sense of belonging in a group, making them feel loved.

Decreased Disciplinary Incidents

Involving students in after school programs will save you more than a headache. Here, students are occupied and do not have time to make bad decisions, keeping them from trouble. 

Develop & Support Interests

Many kids aren't even sure what they want to do when they grow up. After school programs can play a role in helping your child to better understand themselves. Some programs, like EliteGamingLIVE, are developed to help guide kids to find what they love.


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