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What are the Benefits of Video Games for Kids? The Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Video Games

We all remember the words of our parents, yelling at us to hop off our gaming consoles: “playing these games are useless and a waste of time!” And for the longest time, video games have often been presented as a form of entertainment with no other benefits compared to the various ones found in traditional sports. However, it has been proven that video games actually provide tangible benefits that support kids.

Top 5 Benefits of Video Games

1. Improved Social Skills

Today's gamers are not the shy, lonely gamer stereotype of old.  In this age of digital communication, we are becoming more connected than before. Video games involve players cooperating with other players and talking through chats or microphones. Sometimes these other players can be random strangers that become lifelong friends. The ability to play with others gives room to work together and demonstrate teamwork as well as have social interactions and form friendships. 


2. Improved Problem Solving Skills

Video games feature open world, multi-level layers, and mission based games that are designed to be like puzzles and require players to think. Complex games like these need players to think on their feet and strategize in fast paced environments in order to complete the game. Experiences like this can be directly translated into the real world, where kids have to problem solve with their homework, personal conflict, and more. Being able to problem solve can lead to better grades, faster thinking, and leadership abilities. 

3. Improved Multitasking Skills

A notable benefit of gaming is improved multi-tasking ability. Many of the current games force players to complete several tasks or missions at the same time whether it's tracking health, other players, reading maps, stats, and more. This can also be translated into the real world as it allows people to perform their daily tasks efficiently and complete more at the same time. 


4. Improved Mental Health

Studies have revealed that playing video games can boost mood and support heart health to relieve stress. There is a reason why video games have been used for therapy methods.  Video games give players a simulation to relax and focus on a goal. It keeps the mind occupied and the feeling of winning, succeeding, or creating releases dopamine and can bring forth a feeling of happiness. 


5. Useful for Learning

There is a type of video game for everything these days. Video games have been proven  to be an effective and engaging way to teach people new things. Learning can now be done so much better by having something interactive and fun to get people motivated. Games and video games in general have been seen as the easiest way to connect with kids and youth. 

BOTTOM LINE: The old stigma of video games as a negative is fading with more studies tested. Video games ultimately are beneficial and can support kids and adults alike in the real world. Along with the benefits listed above, video games can help develop better social skills, improve vision, inspire persistence, improved cognitive skills, and much more. Some even argue that video games offer lots of benefits that sports can not. Playing video games excessively is not the solution, but playing moderately for fun and competition may result in experiencing the many benefits. 

At EliteGamingLIVE, we are focused on igniting kid’s passion for video games and esports to maximize the benefits available to everyone while having fun and learning. Our program not only utilizes video games but also introduces kids to STEM career pathways for double the benefits. 


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